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Christmas in The City

October 25th 2012

We are just two months away from Christmas. Is your office ready? Office parties to finalize, corporate gifts to buy, decorations to dig out of storage. If all this is left up to you then you need an expert in your back pocket! This where a professional florist can help you look like a pro and not a Grinch. Florists can arrange for deliveries to be made all over the globe. Not in to sending flowers? Good, because a professional can create gift baskets, wrap bottles of wine and design custom wreaths for your business. Bulk deliveries can be handled with little stress and time. Florists employ designers who can come in to your office and transform tired decorations in to a winter wonderland quicker and less expensively than your staff can. Many florists offer flower arranging workshops and can come to your office and teach your staff how to create gifts and decorations as well. The holidays will soon be upon us so don’t wait till in is too late, start talking to a florist today.


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Buying Flowers 24/7

Bee careful who you order from.

We live in a 24/7 world. You can buy anything any time and any where. Flowers are definitely no exception. Use caution when shopping for flowers on-line. Florists have a name for sites that sell flowers but are not florists with store fronts. They call them ‘order gathers’. These order gathers often set up an office with phone operators and a slick website. They also put a lot of money in to paying for top ranking on search engines. These companies often make outrageous promises including discounts, delivery times and images of arrangements that are not possible to recreate. These companies then take your order on-line and resend it to a florist in the vicinity of the recipient. These companies need to make money for this service and moat will take a fee from your total order leaving very little for the filling shop to actually create a decent flower bouquet. Many reputable florists will refuse to handle these orders and so your gift could be arranged by almost ‘anyone’. Regardless of who makes the flower arrangement, they most likely will not have enough money to make it look like the picture you chose. Your best option is to contact a florist you can trust in your area. Look for a florist with a local phone number and an address you can find on a map or visit in person. Also check their web site to see if they post their address and have a way for you to talk directly to the person who will make your floral gift.